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Virus Protection built in (not coronavirus protection)

Today you have to always be on the lookout for Viruses and how to not only protect yourself from the coronavirus but your computer. Many moons ago I use to work on a none Linux operation system Personal Computer until I keep getting notified of the many viruses on my PC. Then I would install all kinds of software but this still did not help, it would just slow down my computer processing power. Then one day Google had announced a NEW kind of computer OS called Chrome OS for Chromebooks.

In the beginning, people did not take this type of computer seriously. They thought it was totally impossible to do any kind of real work on such a new platform. I guess since it was not an overprice computer you would not have the same protections, but that just not true.

First, you have to start with an operating system that is built with security in mind. That is why Linux is the base for Chrome OS.

There is No need for Chromebook virus scans software ever. This is because Chromebooks come with built-in malware and virus protection with ChromeOS. This includes multiple layers of security. Plus Google will send out updates as they become available to their user base.

In conclusion, for real personal computer virus protection choose a Chromebook the next time you want to just start your day off working and not trying to troubleshoot a none Linux operation system.